Nouveaux produits

  • Combination wrench, 26mm TS01-26

    Chrome vanadium steel, combination wrench, 26mm, polished.
    Prix Unitaire: 4.85 CHF
    Total TTC: 5.24 CHF
  • Paint thickness gauge, Fe, Al MGR-11-S-AL

    High-precision paint thickness gauge for steel, galvanized steel and aluminium surfaces. Can be used on any metal coating, inspecting the quality of painted pieces. Measuring range 0-1990μm.
    Prix Unitaire: 75.27 CHF
    Total TTC: 81.30 CHF
  • 2-post lift, capacity 4t QJY4-D6A 220V

    Asymmetric floor plate two-post lift, capacity 4t, electric safety-lock release, drive through width 2610mm, voltage 230V, total height 2924mm, total width 3670mm, two pairs of two-stage arms (630-900, 870-1400mm), lifting height 1900mm
    Prix Unitaire: 1721.80 CHF
    Total TTC: 1859.55 CHF
  • Floor jack, low profile 98mm, quick lifting T83508

    Low profile floor jack, twin piston, lifting capacity 3t, min. height 98mm, max. height 535mm
    Prix Unitaire: 165.72 CHF
    Total TTC: 178.98 CHF
  • Motorcycle and ATV lift, 500kg QJY-S1

    Pneumatic motorcycle and ATV lift, lifting capacity 500kg, lifting height 815mm, ramp length 2134mm, width 736mm, accessory ATV adapter
    Prix Unitaire: 1011.12 CHF
    Total TTC: 1092.01 CHF
  • Combination wrench, 12mm TS01-12

    Chrome vanadium steel, combination wrench, 12mm, polished.
    Prix Unitaire: 1.18 CHF
    Total TTC: 1.28 CHF
  • Tool cabinet with tools, 196pcs WT01163

    Tool cabinet, 7 drawers, freely maneuverable wheels (two with brakes). With indispensable tools for repairs. Lincos tool cabinet with strong frame, with shock-resistant cover on the edges, suitable for any shop or service.
    Prix Unitaire: 505.02 CHF
    Total TTC: 545.43 CHF
  • Fluid lock set MG50708

    Useable to lock brake, fuel, cooling systems and air conitioners tube. Effective sealing, prevents oil and other fulids leak.
    Prix Unitaire: 9.58 CHF
    Total TTC: 10.35 CHF
  • In-floor scissor lift 3.5t, with small lift QJY3.5-2L 380V

    In-floor scissor lift, lifting capacity 3.5t, lifting height 2300mm, ramp 4700mm, lifting height of built-in small lift 450mm
    Prix Unitaire: 6448.96 CHF
    Total TTC: 6964.88 CHF
  • Infrared thermometer -50°C - +700°C, with laser aimer KT700

    Non-contact thermometer, laser aiming light that can be switched off, measuring range 50°C - +700°C (-58°F- 1292°F), adjustable emissivity 0.1-1.00
    Prix Unitaire: 41.89 CHF
    Total TTC: 45.25 CHF