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  • Combination wrench, 18mm TS01-18

    Chrome vanadium steel, combination wrench, 18mm, polished.
    Prix Unitaire: 2.26 CHF
    Total TTC: 2.45 CHF
  • Mobile single post lift, 3.5t, 400V STD-9635Y 380V

    Diversely applicable due to small space requirement and mobile design. Can be placed as a service station anywhere in the shop. The chassis-lifting design is well suited for car body works, tyre service, part replacement, wheel alignment and brake servicing.
    Prix Unitaire: 4803.87 CHF
    Total TTC: 5188.18 CHF
  • Combination wrench set, 25pcs TS01-25S

    German standard chrome vanadium combination wrench set, sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32mm
    Prix Unitaire: 65.39 CHF
    Total TTC: 70.63 CHF
  • Infrared thermometer -50°C - +900°C, adjustable emissivity KT900

    Non-contact thermometer, laser aiming light that can be switched off, measuring range -50°C - +380°C (-58°F- 716°F), adjustable emission value 0.1-1.00
    Prix Unitaire: 50.50 CHF
    Total TTC: 54.55 CHF
  • Adhesive balancing weight, 60g TA-60

    Adhesive balancing weight, 60g (12x5g), from plastic-coated steel, 100pcs/package
    Prix Unitaire: 20.27 CHF
    Total TTC: 21.90 CHF
  • CV boot band pliers MG50111

    For stainless steel CV boot bands. Also for bands, where special torque has to be used, Volkswagen, Audi, Opel, Ford
    Prix Unitaire: 21.43 CHF
    Total TTC: 23.15 CHF
  • Adhesive balancing weight, 6000g TA-05

    Adhesive balancing weight, 1200pcs/roll, 5g partitioning
    Prix Unitaire: 25.45 CHF
    Total TTC: 27.49 CHF
  • Striking (slugging) wrench, 60mm TS06-60

    For loosening especially heavy, stuck, slightly corroded screws, nuts. Open-end wrench with a special design, end can be struck with a hammer. Material: non-alloy tool steel, 60mm
    Prix Unitaire: 23.58 CHF
    Total TTC: 25.47 CHF
  • Adhesive balancing weight, 60g TAM-60

    Adhesive balancing weight, 60g (12x5g), plastic-coated steel, 50pcs/package
    Prix Unitaire: 10.66 CHF
    Total TTC: 11.52 CHF
  • Low profile scissor lift, 3.2t capacity, 400V STD-7532B 380V

    Extra low profile scissor lift, 110mm. The quick lifting time (40 seconds) and the chassis lift design makes it ideal for busy tyre service shops. Lifting capacity 3.2t, lifting height 1000mm.
    Prix Unitaire: 3078.57 CHF
    Total TTC: 3324.86 CHF