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  • Combination wrench, 20mm TS01-20

    Chrome vanadium steel, combination wrench, 20mm, polished.
    Prix Unitaire: 2.58 CHF
    Total TTC: 2.79 CHF
  • Combination wrench, 8mm TS01-08

    Chrome vanadium steel, combination wrench, 8mm, polished.
    Prix Unitaire: 0.86 CHF
    Total TTC: 0.93 CHF
  • Paint thickness gauge, Fe, Al P-11-S-AL

    High-precision paint thickness gauge for steel, galvanized steel and aluminium surfaces. Can be used on any metal coating, inspecting the quality of painted pieces. Measuring range 0-1990μm.
    Prix Unitaire: 107.57 CHF
    Total TTC: 116.18 CHF
  • Fluid lock set MG50708

    Useable to lock brake, fuel, cooling systems and air conitioners tube. Effective sealing, prevents oil and other fulids leak.
    Prix Unitaire: 9.58 CHF
    Total TTC: 10.35 CHF
  • Striking (slugging) wrench, 60mm TS06-60

    For loosening especially heavy, stuck, slightly corroded screws, nuts. Open-end wrench with a special design, end can be struck with a hammer. Material: non-alloy tool steel, 60mm
    Prix Unitaire: 23.58 CHF
    Total TTC: 25.47 CHF
  • In-floor scissor lift 3.5t, with small lift QJY3.5-2L 380V

    In-floor scissor lift, lifting capacity 3.5t, lifting height 2300mm, ramp 4700mm, lifting height of built-in small lift 450mm
    Prix Unitaire: 6448.96 CHF
    Total TTC: 6964.88 CHF
  • TPMS tool assortment TC0806

    For fast and precise work on factory-installed and aftermarket tyre pressure monitoring sensors. The prescribed torque can be set, which is indispensable for error-free operation. For snap-in and clamp-in sensors.
    Prix Unitaire: 149.57 CHF
    Total TTC: 161.54 CHF
  • For changing oil OCS-01

    6+1 LED work lamp ATL-6, 3/8" oil drain plug socket set, 18pcs DK-382018, Jeu de 9 clés en L torx avec tige très longue et avec tous de sécurité KD-004, Self-adjusting oil filter wrench, 63-102mm MG50033, Olajszűrő kulcs készlet MG50037, Oil drain pan, 14l MG50224, Oil drain plug repair kit , M13, M15, M17, M20 MG50324
    Prix Unitaire: 126.95 CHF
    Total TTC: 137.11 CHF
  • Timing tool set for BMW, M60, M62, V8 DOHC 32V, petrol engines MG50653

    For M60, M62, V8 DOHC 32V, petrol engines, BMW, Range Rover, Morgan 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.4l-es petrol engines.
    Prix Unitaire: 193.72 CHF
    Total TTC: 209.22 CHF
  • Exhaust pipe clamp removal tool for Citroen, Peugeot MG50485

    Special tool for removal or installation of exhaust pipe clamps on Citroen, Peugeot, Renault models
    Prix Unitaire: 10.45 CHF
    Total TTC: 11.29 CHF